Restoring the Boulevard Barn

Restoring History – Creating the International Saddlebred Hall of Fame.

Built in Mexico, Missouri, in 1887, the “Big Barn on the Boulevard”, last known as Simmons’ Stables, is the largest and oldest-known building in the United States that was continuously devoted

to boarding and training champion American Saddlebred horses. Simmons’ Stable was a working stable until 2001 and ended a long, distinguished history of horses, trainers, and owners that classified Mexico as the “Saddlehorse Capital of the World.”

Since 2001, the stable had deteriorated badly, resulting in a shifting building with weak side walls, a leaking roof, and interior water damage. In 2002, a group of concerned citizens formed to create the Simmons’ Stables Preservation Fund, Inc. to protect this irreplaceable part of history. The goals of the project are to renovate and preserve Simmons’ Stable’s historic and architectural significance and establish the International Saddlebred Hall of Fame.


The Simmons’s Stable Fund, Inc. has made much progress towards preserving the stable. In 2004, we received the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Neighborhood Assitance Program state tax credits, with a total of $500,000 in generous donations given by local, state, and national contributors. We received the U.S. Department of the Interior’s “Save America’s Treasures” matching $250,000 grant in 2005. The stable was structurally secured and shored up early this year. New tarpaulins were covered over the roof to prevent further water intrusion. Our architects, Butler, Rosenbury, and Partners of Springfield, Missouri, have finalized architectural plans, so that a contractor will soon be selected and renovation and restoration work will begin. And finally, removal and replacement of the old wood fencing and gates was completed in late October



What is the International Saddlebred Hall of Fame?

The International Saddlebred Hall of Fame will include a museum, which will display a large number of artifacts representing the Saddlebred horse history. Recognition will be made to local, state, national, and international horse families, individuals, and their champion horses who have made important contributions to the history of the Saddlebred. Trainers and their training methods, materials, techniques, and symbols of reward will be displayed. Champion Saddlehorses will be prominently featured. There will be educational tours, special exhibits, annual Hall of Fame shows and Induction Ceremonies, and many other activities devoted to the Saddlebred.


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We would like to invite you to participate in supporting an organization whose goal is to continue Mexico, Missouri’s recognition and showcasing of the rich and colorful history of Saddlebred horses. Simmons’ Stable is a tax exempt 501(C) 3 organization. Consider becoming an annual member… or become one of our growing distinguished list of lifetime members. Please fill out a membership form and mail it, along with your check, to:

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