Famous Saddlebred Horses

Famous Horses and the People in Their Lives

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For all the famous horses, they have equally famous owners, riders, trainers, and stables who were integral parts of their success. This page is devoted to those horses and the people and stables their lives touched.

This is a list of horses who lived their lives – or parts of them – at the “Big Barn on the Boulevard” of Mexico, Mo. It is incomplete. If you know of more horses, or people in their lives, or stables they lived at – contact us using this form.

CH Anacacho Shamrock was a chestnut stallion foaled March 18, 1932. He was by Edna Mays King out of Sally Cameron.

Ann Rutledge
Art Simmons, Jacob Bunn Magnolia Farms, Fairview Stables

Ann Rutledge 31876 *Sire, Torpedo, by Bourbon King, by Bourbon Chief. *Dam,Magnolias Cora, by Waxy Dare; 2d dam, Lassie, by Pea Ona. *Bred by Magnolia Farms, Memphis, Tn.; foaled February 12, 1941. Whenever horsemen get together and reminisce about great horses one name sure to be mentioned is that of Ann Rutledge. She was a great horse that did three gaits exceedingly well and was one of the most famous horses of her time. A beautiful horse that could out-go and out-do all competition, she created a sensation wherever she was shown due to her great and spirited performances. She was a beautiful chestnut with a white stripe. During her early career, she was owned by Jacob Bunn, Fairview Stables, Springfield, Illinois, and won many stakes and classes for him with Art Simmons in the saddle. She won at the American Royal, where she also placed reserve in the Championship, and the Grand Championship at the Iowa State Fair in 1948.With Art Simmons up, she won the Three-Gaited Championship-Over 15.2 and Three-Gaited Grand Championship Stake at the Kentucky State Fair in 1949.

Blarney Stone
Blarney Stone was a Stallion, who sired Oblit 910663.

Brilliant Rocket
Blarney Stone was a Stallion, who sired Oblit 910663.

Carnation Golden
Carnation Golden was a chestnut gelding foaled August 14, 1925. He was by Moore Oh !My!  out of Maud S.

City Hall
CH City Hall was a chestnut gelding foaled in April of 1960. He was by CH Ridgefields Genius out of Supreme Rhapsody.

Colonel Boyle
Art Simmons

CH Colonel Boyle was a chestnut stallion owned by Arthur Simmons. He was foaled March 3, 1955, by Kalarama Colonel out of Abies Baby.

Tom Bass, Buffalo Bill Cody

For a full biography and photos of Columbus, visit http://www.audrain.org/irwin/achs04.htm

Courageous Peavine
Arthur Simmons

Courageous Peavine was a chestnut stallion owned by Arthur Simmons. He was foaled in1942, by Captain Courageous out of Mountain Mollie.

Desert Rose
Desert Rose was a bay mare foaled May 10, 1930. She was by Anglo Peavine out of Nellie Engle.

Dr. Crockett
No information.

Forest King
Forest King was a bay stallion foaled in 1894, by Squirrel King out of Stella French

Gold Cloud
Gold Cloud was a chestnut stallion foaled March 25, 1932. He was by Walnut Grove Chief out of Edith M.

Gypsy Dream Girl
Gypsy Dream Girl was a brown mare foaled in May of 1946. She was by Stonewalls Golden Dream out of Bobbie Stonewall.

Highland Wilmore
Highland Wilmore was a chestnut gelding foaled March 9, 1942. He was by Nancy Highlands Chief out of Kitty Wilmore.

King Flash
King Flash was a chestnut stallion foaled May 21, 1935. He was by Southern Sun out of Oakland Flash.

King Lee
King Lee was a brown stallion foaled in 1889. He was Diamond King Yantis out of Daisy.

Lady Adair
Lady Adair 23474 was a Chestnut mare, foaled July 10, 1935 by Stonewall King out of Gay Etta McDonald , with nine foals.

Lady Glenn
Lady Glenn was a chestnut mare foaled May 27, 1954. She was by Bobby Sea out of Ginger Lady.

Lady Margaret
Lady Margaret was a chestnut mare foaled May 6, 1923. She was by Chief of Chiefs out of a daughter of King of Denmark 2D.

Lady Mildred 20008
Lady Mildred 20008 was a Chestnut mare foaled in 1924 (sorry, no date) by Royalty Kingby a daughter of Dick Taylor. Like Personal Touch, she also mothered three foals.

Lee Rose 832
No information

Lillian Anderson
No information

Lou Ann
Lou Ann was a bay mare foaled March 11, 1923. She was by Kirbys McDonald Eagle out of Rebies Lady.

Man of the Hour
Man of the Hour was a bay stallion foaled March 10, 1911. He was by Parole out of Birdie Chief.

J.A. Potts

On September 5, 1893, Lee Rose 832 won the first premium in the Stallions, Four Year sand Under Five class at the Worlds Fair in Chicago. He was registered to J.A. Potts of Mexico, Mo.

Miss Gorrocks
No information

Miss Hunt
Miss Hunt 003078 was a bay mare foaled in January 1, 1898. She was by Artist Montroseby a daughter of Mark Diamond. She had four foals

Miss Lori
Miss Lori was a chestnut mare foaled June 3, 1958. He was by Stonewall Premier out of Donna Style.

Miss Rex
R.B.Glenn, JoePotts, Tom Bass, Conway Holmes

For a full biography and photos of Miss Rex,  visit http://www.audrain.org/irwin/achs06.htm

Moonlights Dream
No information

Mountain Echo
Mountain Echo was a black gelding foaled in 1924. He was by Victor Peavine out of Fannie.

Mr. B
Mr. B was a chocolate stallion foaled May 16, 1963. He was by Peavine Highlight out of Dorothy Whirlwind.

Mr. Montgomery
Art Simmons, Mrs.Royal Lee

Mr. Montgomery Arthur Simmons took over the training and showing of this grand-looking bay gelding in 1950 after he was purchased by Mrs. Royal Lee of Elm Grove, Wisconsin.He won both the open class and the stake that year and in 1951 at the Audrain County Fair. His 1950 wins also include the Columbia open and stake and the gelding class and fine harness championship at the Chicago International. In 1951, he won the stallion or gelding fine harness event and the grand championship at Chicagos spring show.

New Deal
FDR, George Lee, Archie Dickey

Presented as gift to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Half-sister was Roxie Highland.

Panama was a black mare foaled in 1904. She was by Cecil Palmer out of Rebecca.

Perfect Stranger
CH Perfect Stranger was a Chestnut gelding, foaled March 14, 1971 by Broadlands   Kilarney out of Courageous Blossom. He was also a Fine Harness champion.

Personal Touch
Personal Touch 085192 was a Chestnut mare foaled Mach 2, 1970 by Jubilees Stonewallby Cedar Creek Forty Four. She had three foals herself.

Rex Blees 1416
John Donovan,George D. Bernard,John Hook, Gay Brothers

*Sire, Rex McDonald 833, by Rex Denmark 840. *Dam, Daisy Dimple 1606, by Dick Forrest; 2d dam, Grey Lee, by Pharo; 3d dam, daughter of Pat Cleburne 3242. *Bred by John Donovan, St. Joseph, Mo.; foaled May 1897. Rex Blees, a dark 16-hand stallion, bred by John Donovan, well-known railroad magnate, banker, horseman, owner of King Hill Stock Farm; foaled in 1897 on the farm of Gay Brothers, near Pisgah, Ky. Mr. Donovan sent the mare, Daisy Dimple, to Rex McDonald while he was in Kentucky, the property of John Hughes, and had the mare cared for by Gay Brothers. Colonel Donovan owned him until he was two years old when he sold him to George D. Bernard who lived at that time at Colorado Springs, Colo., who also owned the sensational stallion, Forest King1462, by Squirrel King 973, by Black Squirrel 58. Mr. Bernard paid $3,000 for Rex Blees when he was two years old and it was one of the largest, if not the largest, price paid for a two-year-old up to that time. He is said to have been an unusually handsome fellow, with stripe in face, hind legs white half way to hock, and right fore foot and ankle white, an unusually heavy mane and tail, with fine head, small sharply set ears, and one of the best of saddle backs. Rex Blees began his show-ring career at Colorado Springs in 1901. He eventually came into the hands of John Hook and became one of the most prominent of the progeny of Rex McDonald and had a very sensational show career

Robert Rysdyk 1033
Cyrus Clark, FrankJ. Grigsby, Col.Pepper, W. R.Carter, StephenBlack

Robert Rysdyk was a champion Standardbred, then cross registered as an American Saddlebred. Held the State Record as a pacer, and tied for fourth in the World at that speed.

Roxie Highland 15855
Hamilton Brothers, Miss Mary Fiers, Herbert Woolf, Lee Bros., John Hook, Miss Mary Gwinn

Roxie Highland 15855 *Sire, Lord Highland 2799, by Highland Denmark 730. *Dam, Nannie McDonald 4457, by Rex McDonald 833. *Bred by Hamilton Brothers, Mexico, Mo. Roxie Highland 15855 is possibly the greatest walk-trot mare of all time. She was owned and very successfully shown by Miss Mary Fiers, of Oklahoma City, Okla., who purchased her from Herbert Woolf, of Kansas City for $27,500, the highest price ever paid for a three-gaited horse at that time. She was shown repeatedly in the largest shows of the country in1929, 1930, and 1931 without defeat, beating the very best horses in her class, and was considered invincible. She was always shown by Miss Fiers. She won at Louisville, Chicago Horse Show, the International, St. Louis National Horse Show, American Royal ,and many others, and has never dodged an issue, and has always been a winner. She was a very beautiful chestnut mare, with star, snip, left hind foot white, foaled in 1924. In1930, she won fourteen championships, one reserve, and thirty blue ribbons; her 1931record was even more brilliant.

Royal Affair
Royal Affair was a chestnut mare foaled July 7, 1946. She was by CH Anacacho Shamrock out of Love Affair.

Silver Jay
No Information

Silver Lining
Silver Lining was a bay mare foaled in 1918. She was by Chester Beauty out of Golden Rainbow.

Society Ann
Society Ann was a gray mare foaled May 15, 1942. She was by Society Rex out of Hi Dixie.

Stonewall Lee
Stonewall Lee was a chestnut gelding foaled May 15, 1964. He was by Stonewalls Golden Dream out of Stonewalls White Star.

Stonewalls Duke of Dixie
No Information

Tashi Ling
CH Tashi Ling was a chestnut mare foaled June 9, 1959. She was by CH Wing Commander out of CH Emerald Future.

The Replica
CH The Replica was a chestnut gelding foaled April 23, 1943. He was by Nawbeeks Highland King out of Ina Walker.

Twilight Song
Twilight Song was a bay mare foaled April 1, 1936. She was by Royal Success out of Pacific Twilight.

Vanity Again
Vanity Again was a bay stallion foaled May 13, 1969. He was by Mountjoys Pineapple Tart out of Gerties Pride.

Victory Call
No Information

Windsor Queen
CH Windsor Queen was a chestnut mare foaled April 6, 1953. She was by Royal Star of Windsor out of Queen Blees.